Community Alchemists Learning Pod

Instructed by Lana Jelenjev

Length: 90 days

Format: Recorded videos, worksheets, practice activities

Learning Track Description

An exploration on the transformative essence of communities.

What am I going to get from this Learning Track?

We will explore the 4 basic elements on community alchemy.

Who is this Learning Track for?

Community Founders/Leaders

About the Instructor

Profile Picture
Lana Jelenjev

I am abreast with current educational trends and philosophies. I can apply this knowledge in developing programs and modules for teaching in the early years. I am passionate about bringing gifted and talented pedagogy in the regular classrooms.

Leaning from my vast experience as an early childhood educator and now as a parent, I provide parent coaching and training to share valuable information on how to provide meaningful and connecting activities with your child at home. I am also a big advocate of strengthening parent-school communication and involvement.

The love for lifelong learning is a gift that we can give to our children.I teach valuable thinking and life skills to children through small group workshops and activities.

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